The 2081 Project

Beyond the Binary: Episode 10

Episode Notes

On this week's episode we talk to Kelsey Reynolds and Eric Edward Schell. They discuss their experiences of initially identifying  as only gay or only lesbian and their journeys toward identifying as non-binary or gender non-conforming.  They also discuss the challenges that went along with their journeys due to the boxes society had placed them in.  They also talk about their very friendly competition of being the two Gender Non-Binary Grand Marshal nominees of this year's Houston Pride Parade.

Bonus Read:

We asked Eric for a resource for people who want a better understanding of the importance of respecting others' pronouns, and why using gendered pronouns can be harmful to people who are non-binary. They recommend My Night with 17 Guys , a short blog post that demonstrates how easy it is to erase a person. Eric also recommended that we all use they/them pronouns until we know otherwise as a way of ensuring  we're being respectful of everyone's identities.